Mill Creek Warnock Push-up Dam Elimination

  • GRMW ID: 1837
  • Fiscal Year: 2009

Mill Creek contains ESA listed Snake River summer steelhead, resident rainbow trout and other native\r\nspecies. The steelhead population is severely depressed from historic levels. Elimination of passage barriers is a high priority action wherever listed species occur. The project site is the McNeill Diversion.\r\n\r\nEach year the irrigators enter the stream with heavy equipment to construct a pushup dam to\r\ndivert water into the irrigation ditch, disturbing the streambed, creating excessive sediment and\r\ncreating a fish passage barrier. Passage is restricted for juvenile steelhead, resident rainbow trout\r\nand other native species after the pushup dam in constructed. The pushup dam remains in place\r\nusually from early-July through the end of October.\r\nThe Union Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) sponsored the project. BPA funds\r\nwere used to install one vortex rock, channel-spanning weir. The weir installation was part of a\r\nlarger project the SWCD implemented which rebuilt the diversion headgate structure, installed a\r\nnew slide gate, installed a measuring device, installed a new fish screen and piped 1400 feet of\r\n4\r\nopen irrigation ditch. The SWCD acquired funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement\r\nBoard for all elements of the project except the rock weir.


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Contacts & Roles

Name Role Organization
Layne Lindley Technical Contact Union County Soil & Water Conservation District
Lisa Mahon Administrative Contact Union County Soil & Water Conservation District


Organization Role
Bonneville Power Administration Funding Entity
Grande Ronde Model Watershed Cooperator
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Funding Entity
Union County Soil & Water Conservation District Sponsor

Grants & Contracts

Organization Contract # Funding Amount
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board 207-346 $12,045.00
Bonneville Power Administration 42743 $4,106.00
Private Individual $6,300.00
Grande Ronde Model Watershed $3,500.00

Project Points

Site Description Latitude/Longitude Link to KML
McNeil Diversion Project Site 45.2823142855 / -117.779687318 Download KML